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Hello! I’m Laura PerkEs

A PR Strategist, Brand Storyteller and the founder of PR with Perkes.

I’m based in Hertfordshire where I live with my husband Hayden and our three French Bulldogs; Frank, Tiger and Poppy, who are lovingly referred to as ‘the shitbags’. If we’re ever on a Zoom call together you’ll hear why they’ve been given that moniker!

PR has been in my blood since I was 18 years old, when I studied for a degree in Public Relations & Media Studies at Exeter University. The passion I have for this powerful modality grows stronger year-on-year, fueled by the incredible clients we represent and produce results for on a daily basis.


THe Four Pillars Of Pr

I’m the creator of the Four Pillars of Purposeful PR and for the past 18 years I have made it my mission to empower entrepreneurs and established brands to use their voice to make an impact in the world.

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Variety is most definitely the spice of life, so why stick to one audience when you can show up and serve a mixture of audiences? I love how abundant and expansive PR can be, which is why I currently wear two hats (why wear one when you can have two, right?) and can support two very different types of client: 

Type #1
Established brands and entrepreneurs who are ready to go all in, understand the complexities of PR and wish to align themselves with a PR partner that will generate results on their behalf.

Type #2:

Motivated and driven solopreneurs who understand the power that PR has, who are willing to roll their sleeves up and go after opportunities on their own, but need the accountability of a mentor who will hold their hand but also kick their butt to ensure they take purposeful action.

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It’s my mission to create a platform for women to fully step into their superpowers, claim their crown as the go-to expert in their industry, but do so without fear, guilt, shame or judgement.

As a female business owner I understand the complexities and challenges faced when running, building and scaling a business – not to mention the mind monkey stuff that pops up on a regular basis to keep us safe and secure.

I’m always keeping it real – which can be both a blessing and a curse, but is always done from a place of good intentions, to ensure that you’re benefiting from the ultimate PR experience. 

My energy is often off the chart! I’m passionate about helping purpose-driven, conscious businesses to elevate their expertise, tap into their full potential and perfectly position themselves as leaders in their industry.

Combining my intuition with my spidey senses, I’m able to instantly connect to you on a deeper level to elicit the most impactful and powerful PR strategy that will help you to elevate your authority and attract loyal customers and raving fans into your business.

Energy and alignment are key ingredients in everything I do; from the clients I work with to the talented PR professionals who support my mission and the work that we do.

Whoever we’re working with, whether it’s start-ups, soloprenuers or established brands there’s one thing we can guarantee: that we’ll connect your PR strategy with your growth goals to ensure your PR coverage creates impact, influence and income.

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